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Platinum Labs Defcon 1 Review
Platinum Labs is a relatively young Australian company with their production facilities located in the USA, where ingredients are more readily accessible (and potent). Their flagship product,... View More >>
Horleys BioBurn Review
Horleys have always had a strong reputation for manufacturing some of NZ’s highest quality protein powders. For a few years, they have also made a high potency encapsulated fat burner called Ripped... View More >>
One of the hottest new additions to the stimulant ingredient market is a compound commonly known as DMBA HCL. Also known as 1,3-dimethylbutylamine HCL or 2-amino-4-methylpentane HCL, this compound... View More >>
Axis Labs Adipo-X PM
Axis labs has been producing supplements for more than a decade. In this time, the company has grown to the point where the brand is known and sold worldwide. The... View More >>
BNRG Release Crisp Bars
The company known best for its high di- and tri-peptide content whey hydrolysate; BNRG - has just released a new version of their popular Power Crunch bars. Called Crisp Bars, they come with a... View More >>
BSN NO Xplode 3.0
Things have been quiet on the BSN front recently, which suggests this innovative company has been working on something. We had a taste of what that might be recently, with... View More >>